AirStream® StarLight island extractor

The AirStream® Starlight island bonnet is a timeless, filigree recirculating air unit that is suspended from thin steel cables and positioned above the panoramic induction hob.

Starlight and the Panorama hob are a carefully coordinated system. The lighting and the individual fan levels of the Starlight island bonnet are controlled via radio by the integrated control from the Panorama hob. When the island bonnet is in operation, the two fan flaps open in opposite directions, creating a generously dimensioned air storage space.


  • Energy-saving and quiet due to 2 powerful EBM-Papst AC motors
  • 2 internal fans á 380 m3/h in the intensive stage
  • Recirculating air operation based on carbon filters
  • 2 motorised closing wing flaps
  • 2 ropes for ceiling attachment up to max. 1 m
  • Canopy for rope attachment and power connection


  • Automatic overrun of 10 minutes
  • Stainless steel grease filter - Dishwasher safe
  • Filter saturation indicator
  • Fan control optionally via radio remote control or via touch control built into the induction hob KIS 100-DS
  • LED panel top right