Cooking with gas

In professional kitchens and restaurants, cooking has been done for years on cooking appliances that run on gas.

Celebrity chefs often prefer gas because there is usually more power available - especially in the professional kitchen - than when cooking with electric energy. It is only since induction cookers for the professional sector have had more power that they have also found their way into professional kitchens. In private household kitchens, gas arouses special emotions - especially among hobby cooks. One (man) cannot deny that cooking and preparing food at the cooking place on the "open fire" has a special appeal.

Our gas hobs are robust, practical and powerful. The GlasLine series uses new burners in ECO design. These are less bulky than the classic gas burners and also easier to clean. We also achieve a new and more effective flame pattern. Whereas with the classic burner the flame diverges sideways, with the ECO burner the flame rises vertically. This results in less temperature expansion around the burner, pot or pan and thus also requires less energy. Gas consumption is reduced, we achieve better efficiency because the gas flame is directed more directly at the food and less oxygen is burnt. A special highlight is the black glass ceramic surface, which everyone will appreciate when it comes to cleaning the hob after cooking.

Our Inox series is still equipped with the classic burner. This is also necessary because of the low installation height and it also has an extra-sturdy stainless steel body. It is characterised by the fact that it can be integrated flush with the work surfaces. Nothing protrudes. The individual sturdy cast-iron grates are integrated flush into the hob. This makes it easy to move the cookware around on the hob. The Inox series can also be installed lying on top.

All appliances are equipped in such a way that they can be operated easily and intuitively. In addition to the 2-year warranty, all gas appliances have German or Swiss approval and nationwide customer service.