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In the past few years, we have been asked again and again by customers whether the proven table fume cupboards of the EVO product range can be operated with gas hobs. Up to now, we have always had to refuse this request for safety reasons (temperature and heat development of the gas hob). This position will remain unchanged in the future.

However, cooking with gas is now also possible with the ERGE "MoveUp" for all friends who like to work at a gas cooking station. For chefs, hobby chefs, cooks and all those who otherwise appreciate the experience of cooking with gas, at the "open fireplace and visible flame".



MoveUp has an intake shaft that rises up to 30 cm from the worktop via a servomotor, so it cannot absorb the temperature of the gas flame and works perfectly with our Panorama gas hobs. It is a coordinated system with the InoxLine series in stainless steel and its flush lowered burners or the GlasLine series in black ESG glass and newly developed burners for a vertical flame pattern and more efficient combustion.

This first-class function is only guaranteed in the combination of "MoveUp" and our Panorama hobs. This is the only way to ensure the correct distance between the hob and the intake shaft of the fan. In our range there are two Panorama gas hobs with three and four burners. For the field with 3 burners, MoveUp in 90 cm width is correct, for the field with four burners, MoveUp in the appliance width 120 cm is required (dimensions and data in the register hobs).

However, "MoveUp" can also be operated with our tried and tested Panorama induction hobs or the Panorama HiLight hob.

For simple and easy cleaning, the height-adjustable intake shaft of "MoveUp" is made of ESG glass. The two grease filters are simple and easy to remove from above for cleaning in the dishwasher. MoveUp also has LED hob lighting with 9 W / light colour 4200 K.

MoveUp can be used in exhaust air mode or recirculation mode, recirculation - either with traditional charcoal filters or with a modern plasma filter. The charcoal filter has an activated carbon fill of 4 kg and thus a service life of about 3 years, the plasma filter is maintenance-free for a period of about 5 years.

Afterwards, in both cases, the activated carbon of the carbon filter, as well as the carbon filter of the reaction chamber of our plasma module should be replaced.


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