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Plasma recirculation technology

Plasma recirculation technology

Plasma in kitchen extractor bonnets

The four stages of air purification by plasma in kitchen extractor bonnets

Through the combination of various processes commonly used in practice, the "used" air, i.e. air contaminated with odours and germs, is cleaned and the spores, bacteria and viruses in the air are killed.

Stage 1: Metal grease filter

In order to be able to clean the kitchen exhaust air effectively with a plasma module, it must be freed from the components (aerosols and particles) present in the extracted air. For this purpose, it is necessary that the air is pre-cleaned by the metal grease filter, which has at least filter class A, grease separation degree >95%. Important! Regular cleaning of the metal grease filters should be carried out in the dishwasher at least every fortnight to maintain the high efficiency of the subsequent filter stages.

Stage 2: Plasma

Now the kitchen exhaust air consists almost exclusively of the gaseous components and can now be put into the high-energy state of plasma by means of the electrodes in the plasma module. This splits the odour molecules contained in the air and creates the ozone that is important for stages 3 and 4.

Stage 3: Chemical reactions

Many of the split odour molecules now already react/oxidise with the ozone in the downstream reaction chamber and thus become odourless. Furthermore, germs, spores, bacteria and viruses are partly damaged by the ozone in such a way that they become inactive and ineffective.

Stage 4: Activated carbon

The split molecules that are not oxidised in stage 3 are collected by the activated carbon and react with it. Before the ozone is absorbed by the activated carbon, it first reacts with the split molecules on the activated carbon. Here the same chemical reaction happens as in step 3. The activated carbon regenerates itself through the chemical processes and thus remains functional for a long time. Subsequently, the ozone is broken down by the activated carbon and converted into oxygen.


The odours have been removed. The air now returned to the kitchen consists only of oxygen (O2), water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). In addition, germs, spores, bacteria and viruses in the air have been significantly reduced in the whole process.


Leave the extractor fan running for at least 10 minutes after cooking. This significantly increases the service life of the activated charcoal, so that it may only be necessary to replace the activated charcoal after more than 5 years, depending on the degree of use.

Last but not least:

Excess humidity is then removed by briefly airing the room and a comfortable room climate is created without unpleasant cooking odours.


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