Recirculation mode - activated charcoal filter technology

Recirculation operation based on charcoal filters - applies to the activated charcoal filters of the units: StarLight, Stairway, Varia series, EVO 01, EVO 02 and EVO 03.

The classic design of the units conceals highly effective activated charcoal filter technology for recirculation operation. Our activated charcoal filters are inserted directly behind the metal grease filters with their close-meshed aluminium mesh over the entire surface. The activated charcoal filter mats are intended for cleaning in the dishwasher or oven. For this purpose, however, they must be removed from the holder of the metal grease filter.

Activated carbon granulate is a carbon with a very large surface area. Harmful substances and odours from the rising vapour are bound and neutralised in the surface of the activated carbon granulate. Due to the impregnation of the activated carbon granulate, the odour neutralisation remains largely unchanged even at high humidity. The flexible filter mat, which is located over the entire surface behind each individual grease filter, ensures that the odour molecules sucked in for binding are always confronted with the largest possible filter surface. This ensures highly efficient odour absorption.

Our activated carbon filter can be washed up to 12 times in the dishwasher or regenerated in the oven. Regeneration takes place either in the dishwasher - normal programme without further dirty dishes - or in the oven at approx. 120 degrees - time window about one hour. After that, the carbon filter mats can be used again.